About Beth

Beth Brawley Stoddard spent the entire decade of the 90’s in some form of labor or childbirth. Married to a youth pastor, she was a former music teacher who spent her days chasing her children, hawking kitchen tools and playing the piano at church.

Changes came, and the implosion of her marriage led to southern exposure and a new life outside Richmond, VA. A time of restoration and redemption led to a new role as a pastor of creative arts.

In 2009, Beth became a wife again, and she continues to work out her salvation, her marriage and her parenting with fear and trembling.

Her favorite food is pasta.

She loves anything chocolate; the darker, the better.

She reads, a lot.

She loves music and chocolate peanut butter cookies and Rasberry Truffle ice cream and skinny vanilla lattes.

She blogs at graceeveryday.com.


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