About Angie

Angie has been a pastor to students (previously known as youth pastor) for ten years.  In that role, she’s been “mom” to  hundreds of teenagers.  She’s also had a unique vantage point from which to watch family dynamics, particularly between parents and teens.

Angie is married to, and shares an office with, her high school sweetheart.  They lead, pastor, and teach at the same church. 

At home, they parent two kids–a 4-year-old boy and an 18-month-old girl.

There’s little teenagers can say or do to shock Angie anymore, and she’s confident tackling the tumultuous teenage experience.  However, Angie is insecure parenting her little ones, trying to do the best she can and to honor God during the journey.

Angie enjoys cooking and eating.  She’s powerless to resist chips and salsa or guacamole.  And her mom’s homemade spaghetti.  And white chocolate mochas.  And red velvet frozen yogurt.


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